egroupware 1.6 prc1

used xampp, added all passowrds. load up files to: /opt/xampp/htdocs egw makes it’s own egroupware subfolder note 3 pear packages missing: Checking PEAR::HTTP_WebDAV_Server is installed: False PEAR::HTTP_WebDAV_Server is needed by: WebDAV. You can install it by running: pear install HTTP_WebDAV_Server Checking PEAR::Auth_SASL is installed: 1.0.2 Checking PEAR::Net_IMAP is installed: False PEAR::Net_IMAP is needed by: FeLaMiMail, […]

Imagemagick to rezise batch pictures

Load up imagemagick: sudo apt-get install imagemagick Graces large (3.0mb-ish) files go to 800×600 and around 100kb with this command: convert -resize ‘800×600’ -quality 50 *.JPG websize.jpg The convert program requires a destination image file name whereas mogriy does not mogrify replaces instead of duplicates the files