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Gasometers I’ve known and loved

This is the one that started it all really. My observant friend commented one day in amazement that the gasometer was not the same height as when last seen. my interest has grown from that precious moment…

Kernel Headers explained

Thanks to BrionS at USA Linux Users Group for this info:

Put simply headers are sets of files that define all the application programming interface (API) for a program. So if you’re writing some C or C++ code and you want to use the function: getWidget(myContext); Then somewhere in your build path (when you go to compile the code) you need a header that describes where getWidget(Context c) is defined.

Header files end in .h or sometimes .h++. Source code files typically end in .c, .cpp, or .c++ and inside them you’ll see references to .h files (sometimes – it can get complicated).

In any event, to compile a program that uses what’s called a function library (or just library), you need to have the header files for that library so your compiler can check your code for syntax problems (by comparing what you wrote to the function definition in the header(s)). You don’t need the entire source code for the library in order to use the functions – this saves you a lot of space because header files are very small compared to the source files.

You could think of header files like Cliff Notes. Smile Your program needs to know a little bit of information about one of the functions it’s using, the header files provide a very brief overview of the function which is enough for you to compile. If you wanted the whole story, you’d need the function’s source code.

The reason the header files are not generally included by default is because these days most distributions provide you with binary (pre-compiled) packages for your system. Since you don’t have to do any compiling, you don’t need to look up any function definitions by their headers, you can simply run your software which has already been verified against the headers when it was compiled and it uses the pre-compiled function libraries (lib*.so) on your system.

If you have the wrong version of a function library on your system, then the pre-compiled binary usually breaks with a segmentation fault or something like that and you either need to get the right library version installed or re-compile the program from source using the library version (and its headers) that you have so it is now referencing the correct API.

Lots of words above, but it all boils down to this:

1. If you install binary packages, you don’t need header files

2. If you install source packages, you’ll need the header files and/or source of that package’s dependencies

Acts 10: ECG a heart for the nations llandudno 2009

Acts and the Spirit – the Spirit of Mission

Church in transition. a ‘home team’ for 1000 years. Rules have changed. always got penalty’s, free kicks, appointed the ref etc etc when we were at home. Now we’re playing ‘away’ all has changed. For first time for 1600 years the church now faces a time when is much more like the early Church. We are in transition; extremes. we look at Acts 10 in light of that.

Acts 10 here

Pipes with taps on don’t work just by planting them in the ground.
the spirit is the spirit of mission, Church can’t be removed from it source

More positively: Wherever we seek to be the the church by the spirit we cn be sure of spirit’s help.

Great Commission (matt. 28) is it a ‘straight’ or ‘conditional’ promise. Missional spirit of acts indicates tht either way when we engage with the task of church the spirit wil be there.

Acts is book of ‘waves’ of the spirit working

Wave of moving to the Jews
Wave of persecution faced by believers
Wave of moving to the gentiles

  • Cornelius story and Peter’s vision an example, along with Ethiopian eunuch.

Key characters

  • cornelius
  • angels – luke loves angels, uses a sign that god’s coming. enlightenment meant that we had to tell our story in a liberal way. spent a lot of 19 and 20 c rationalising and demyhtologising faith, just at the time when society re-mythologizes life. secular theology. we do n0t give time to heart all head in past. we don’t believe non-spiritual enough. our faith is non sensible, n0n cerible. has our belief been drilled out of us…
  • peter – why peter needed? god could have just zapped faithful cornelius? luke loves journey’s donkey, 12 yr old J, samaritan, emmaeus, and lots of journey on road. conversion always happens on road (semon) peter and cornelius journeying. what of the vision of food? Is this a homer simpson moment doh 3 times and 3 time I denied J. dliemma, whether i obey or disobey god’s word would appear to be challenged. Is P thiinking about the fact that often in the ministry of Jesus P etc had to ignore ritual purity laws. Nb Peter is in joppa where Jonah had rn way to. Joanh had to go to unclen Nineveh’ns.

Key points

The spirit of mission is pushing us to reconsider everything.
Even those who think they know what’s what (Peter) have to journey and move on.

Wesley ‘became more vile’ when he broke the rules of c of e and spoke to kingswood miners. but he till did it.

God does new things. Peter opts to stick in there depiste difficulty, see acts 11, difficult conversations will follow.

cornelius and peter. who converted who? OK coernelius is converted, but also a progressive conversion of peter. 1st lukewarm towards to cornelius’ men, but by time he has travelled to cornelius he has interpreted the dream to say i now see that i must not call anyone unclean (nothing to do with the food). another step along the journey of peters conversion,

Acts 2 14ff: ECG a heart for the nations llandudno 2009

What Happens the Day after the Day Before

Acts 2: 14ff – here

Not so much about Church as:

  1. Community

  2. c

  3. c

Whole of NT can be seen as a commentary on the issue of how these frail xtns were trying to be getting on with each other

Minucius Felix c. 160ad

Beauty of life causes strangers to join our ranks; we do not talk about great things, we live them

v38 Repentance

Many of our Churches minitries bypass repentance. Sign outside church ‘Sinners Only’ made to take down. Repentance is an ongoing process, a permintant state, not just a one off event. Church at it’s best when able to react to all issues in light of a repenting response. church become a common community of repentance.

Primitive Xty is not about a ticklist of beliefs to be subscribed too.

MA says that the more salvation is about fer and terror of God, the shallower and more shrt term that faith is likely to be. Opposite is true as well.

v42 Devotion


Loving devotion is the inspiration of the early disciples.

  • All in the context of the ‘teachin of the apostles’
  • discipleing mentoring, exampling, apprenticing.

Fellowshipkoinania life together

  • not communism, but generous graciousness
  • poor folk teach us lessons about ‘one anotherness’
  • Paul’s churches in the ports were wealthy, needed to show

To the breaking of Bread – not HC

  • Alpha didn’t invent food and fellowship!
  • MA sees J not as Robert Powell but Jennifer
  • people who you don’t normally get on with will be in the fellowship. Acts 6 illutrates that people who shouldn’t eat together can be found, there the risen Xt is.

Formal worship by end of 2nd C Tertullian said that basic requirements of worship are HC and intercession.

Acts 2: ECG a heart for the nations llandudno 2009

Martyn Atkins Bible Study

Thursdy Acts 2: 1-12 here

What kind of God would this have revealed to those who experienced the first Spirit
God who reveals his spirit God of People restoring God of Blessing God who would restore and make Jerusalem a focal point

  1. God who reveals his spirit
  2. God of People restoring
  3. God of Blessing
  4. God who would restore and make Jerusalem a focal point

Being Converted What kind of person were you What happened to you What happened afterwards

Jews believed that the Pent festival was the time that the spirit of God would come:

Jews would have made a connection
Acts 9 is a sudden surrender as much as it is a sudden converstion

Acts 9: ECG a heart for the nations llandudno 2009

15-4-09 Martyn Atkins Bible Study

Wednesdy Acts 9: 1-19 here

Being Converted What kind of person were you What happened to you What happened afterwards

Acts 9 is a sudden surrender as much as it is a sudden converstion

Three Q’s

1. Paul, What kind of person were you?

  • WITNESS MATTERS – Paul was someone impressed by xtn witness.
  • never underestimate impact of our testimony – MA conversation (one of many). asked God to make himself real. Nightclub clipboard evangelist spoke of Christ. Mr Bell from youth group. Knew Mr Bell loved God and was a deeply xtn man. Stephen didn’t know what his witness might effect and affect Paul as he ‘held the coats’.
  • So, How is the witness going?? It’s tuff. You probably won’t know that
  • A GOOD JEW – Philippians 3: 4-6
  • xty not just for big sinners, but also for those, like paul who were good religious people

2. Paul, what happend to you?

  • JESUS APPEARED IN ME – Idea of Jesus appearing in su and to us. Wesleyan theology. He makes the first move. God acts whether we ever realise it or not
  • PAUL MET WITH JESUS. Doesn’t always happen like it did with Paul, but regardless meetig with Jesus is the quinntessential xtn experience.
  • RULES OF BEING A JEW, within the rules of being a jew Paul was good, but upon meeting xt P needs to totally reacess, all this is loss because of knowing christ J my lord, all else is rubbish. (anti-semitic problem of this). A radical re-assessment is eqd when meeting xt. Meeting/following xt is like a new magnetic north direction in life. chnge north, evrything else is modified too. so we who are not the ‘biggest’ sinners in terms of human ranking. Point of feeling conviction is close to turning point.

Notes on this Bible passage

  • Paul is called by name – so was Peter at lakeside, Mary at Gethsemene, Saul too.
  • Saul is asked ‘why are you persecuting me’ – to persecute xt is to persecute his people. what you do to them you do to me.
  • the Q is in the rabbinic telling of the story of the temple Saul Saul why do you ersecute me. David saying to Saul when he is in the cave ‘relieving himself’. story told in samuel, but Luke uses these words to signal to Paul thatb there is an imoportant link here with the OT. J is son of David.
  • Paul is recruited, commissioned and taken on…

What happened fterwards

change pkcs to pem for using ovpn package in ubuntu network manager

Thanks to Craig Millsap for his article on this:

To extract the CA Certificate:
openssl pkcs12 -in myvpn.p12 -cacerts -nokeys -out myvpnca.pem

To extract the Personal Certificate:
openssl pkcs12 -in myvpn.p12 -clcerts -nokeys -out myvpncert.pem

To extract the Private Key:
With a password: openssl pkcs12 -in mydccert.p12 -clcerts -nocerts -out myvpnkey.pem
Without a password: openssl pkcs12 -in mydccert.p12 -clcerts -nocerts -nodes -out myvpnkey.pem

Update May 2011.
Network Manager 0.8.1 (with Ubuntu 10.10) can now use use the PKCS12 file instead of creating separate pem files as above. simply use the ovpn config file as an import file and that’s all that’s needed.

icon 225 working in ibex using (gnome’s) network-manager

1. Before you can use NetworkManager with these devices you need to check if the the hso module is installed by using this command:

find /lib/modules/`uname -r` -name ‘hso.ko’

2. ozerocdoff is needed to stop the Icon’s onboard usb virtual cd from firing up.

that requires: libusb


3. sudo apt-get install libusb-dev


If you are running a 64 bit system or if ozercdoff crashes run this command:

sudo make clean

Then compile ozerocdoff:

sudo make

Install the ozercdeoff and the udev scripts

sudo make install

The next time that you plug in a device with ZeroCD enabled the udev scripts will run and call ozercdoff.

5. After that (gnome) network-manager looks after the connection

use orange (contract) as broadband type in n-m

This appeared good intially in eeebuntu but after a few moments (possibly of innactivity (?)) would crash the whole PC.

The version of Pharscape’s Option driver that comes with nm 0.7.0 is relatively old, poss v 1.2. So upgrade to HSO module version 1.9. Followed instructions of MartinD here to incorporate the module into the kernel using dkms, which should help if kernel gets upgraded (ie no rebuild necessary).

all goes OK til running the build then is complains that the kernel source headers can’t be found by dkms.

So: in Synaptic Package maneger (NOT add/remove programs!) install build-essential and the version of eee kernel headers that dkms is looking for. (kernel: 2.6.27-8-eeepc)

installing of headers hangs after an hour. reboot causes hdd complaints says yes to all when running a manual fsck.

reboot thankfully brings back the gui. nm not working with the Option now so try a rebuild of module:

sudo dkms remove -m hso -v 1.9 –all
sudo dkms add -m hso -v 1.9
sudo dkms build -m hso -v 1.9

all seems OK has run for an hour now… 🙂