Monthly Archives: January 2011

mp3 and flac

Jan 2011. Here’s what i’m doing with my music:

flacs go in flac folder; mp3s in their own folder.

1. Rip to flac with rythymbox, google for album art and place in flac folder, per album.
2. Update flac tags with the piccy using easytag
3. use Soundconvertor to convert to MP3, tags incl piccy seem to transfer OK.

nb. best to simply plnk the MP3s in the original flac folder, then duplicate and then copy the MP3s with their parent folders to the master MP3 folder.

things that didn’t work:
1. trying (different ways) to create AAC from the flac, tag track number problem.
2. using the create folders option in Soundconvertor to plank the MP3s directly, duplicated the album name.
3. change messy names, creates underscore under every space.

Use MP3 folder in itunes, use flac folder for mythtv.