Monthly Archives: February 2011

samba troubleshooting

suddenly all users except markp could not access users within the ‘shares’ (shared) folder.

Tools to test:

see log on the server at /var/log/samba/log.smbd

see if the access problem exists on the server, as well as the windows client;

smbclient //localhost/share_to_test -U annet

problem in my instance (Feb 2011) was that the group name of the /home/shares folder had changed from ‘john’ to ‘users’
Probably caused by Unison sync foulup at my end (user 1000 at home overwrote user 100 at TC).

using NFSv4 exports for linux

about the permissions: Have setup using the ubuntu guide for NFSv4, as per here:
I note that the settings in /etc/exports mean that the owner and group of the server folders can only be accessed by a user on the client machine of the same name