mdadm administration and maintenance

check status of a raid:root@server:/home/markp# mdadm –query –detail /dev/md0/dev/md0: Version : 0.90Creation Time : Wed Jun 16 11:12:17 2010 Raid Level : raid1 Array Size : 732571904 (698.64 GiB 750.15 GB)Used Dev Size : 732571904 (698.64 GiB 750.15 GB)Raid Devices : 2Total Devices : 1Preferred Minor : 0 Persistence : Superblock is persistent Update Time […]

notes for Circuit Website

the images for staff team: Used gimp to resize img to 300×400. (feathered edges and rounded corners nice, but showed up a white border against the blended ‘fade background’ of the content section background.) gimp crop settings saved as ‘website portrait’. On site: set image size as 200 width (height scales proportional)   To remove […]

headers using showtime for Circuit website

To specify which showtime banner show to use: edit the template (main is: Trinity: ShadowMenu Tab + 2 columns: showtime banner ) and insert the tag in the header section:{* Start Header, with logo image that links to the default start page. Logo image is changed in the stylesheet “Trinity Layout: Top menu + 2 […]

We’re so frustrated about the DDOS effect – and apparently some of you are VERY ANGRY. We’re really sorry; it’s out of our hands. — Raspberry_Pi (@Raspberry_Pi)

backup and updating of cmsms

go into control panel of webhost, use phpmyadmin and do simple db backup to an sql file. Haven’t found a better way of musing ftp than nautilus in ubuntu. don’t think I have ssh access (sadly), so: download a backup of the /html/urlname folder of the webserver if doing a differential upgrade (for minor releases), […]