The Visual in Worship – openlp info

When the OpenLP program installs it creates a folder called ‘Data’. To replace the list of songs on the inital install with my song database do the following. 1. Firstly download the new ‘Data’ folder from here, Click on the link to the data folder and ‘save file’. This will ask if you want to […]

The Visual in Worship – Session 2

The second session is going to introduce you to ‘worship presentation software’. There are many commercial and opensource alternative that work on windows, mac and linux. We’re going to look at an opensource (free) one that I’ve been experimenting with since Autumn 2013: works with all three of those OS’s mentioned – Go ahead and […]

The Visual in Worship – Session 1

Here’s some links to help those at the ‘Visual in Worship’ training: The slides I’m using: (in both MS powerPoint and OpenOffice impress format) A link to my booklet the Methodist Church published: Link to an Epworth Review paper about Opensource software: Link to the openlp worship projection software: