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pcmcia 3com network card pinout for nec mt1065 projector

I’ve had a few pcmcia network cards floating around but lost track of which ones work to give the web control access for the NEC MT1065 projector.

Despite buying the correct wireless card I never got that to work in the projector.

The 3com 3CCE589ET works OK, (maybe the 3CCE589EC as well, but untested). Both these are 10Mbps cards. The 3CCFE575BT card doesn’t work (10/100Mbps).

The cards are cheap on ebay but often without the needed network cable. Original cable (I think) is PN: 07-0362-000 Can’t see any on ebay. However I have been able to source a similar 07-0383-000. These cables have no dongle, just straight wired through to an RJ45 plug.

The pinout for these is (I think) the same:

The card connector is a 15 pin connector.  Looking at the connector from behind, counting from right to left:

pin 1 = RJ45 6 (orange)

pin 2 = RJ45 3 (white/orange)

pin 3 = RJ45 2 (blue)

pin 4 = RJ45 1 (white/blue)

pin 7 = connector’s LED (polarity unknown)

pin 13 = connector’s LED (polarity unknown)


The connector on cable 07-0362-000 can be dis-assembled if needed and soldered

The connector on cable 07-0383-000 is more of a moulded unit, harder to break open I suspect.

Some of the 10/100 cables could be utilised, for the above. Many have the dongle bit (with safety transformer in it?) but no worries, just snip it off and connect an RJ45 connector instead of the dongle and resolder as above within the connector. Eg cable 07-0337-002 has the connector type that could be opened up and soldered if you had to doctor one from the newer 10/100 cards. I don’t think these pinout the same as the previous un-dongled ones though as i did try and use one of these with the 10Mbps cards, no joy. As of 2016 these 10/100 cables are on ebay a bit.

Don’t blame me if this is wrong!