LTSP Public Lab – 2019

LTSP has the ability to offer thin or fat clients which boot from a centrally controlled image from a server using tftp network boot. The following guide uses Xubuntu 18.04 (LTS desktop 64bit version), using a ‘chrootless’ (aka PNP ltsp) setup, which unlike the more common chroot-ed ltsp setups, uses the configuration of the server’s […]

WordPress WYSIWYG Notes

Just a reminder about the wysywyg page builder in WordPress, when using the ‘X’ theme from When this was first installed (2015) X included a copy of the ‘Visual Composer’ (VC) page building tool. This paid for plugin was included in the price of ‘X the theme’. Alongside this was an additional plugin called […]

LTSP Xubuntu thin and fat clients v1 2018

Used this: for fat client build: –fat-client-desktop ti implement that into each rebuild edit: /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf as per here:   Controlling and maintenance of the server image:   TFTP boot problems: check the name/location of the image in dhcp.conf Is the tftp port open? netstat -an | grep 69 is there […]

Editing OpenLP database using CSV

An attempt to more quickly create and edit OpenLP database (SQLite) files, using sqlitebrowser in Ubuntu. As I’m not an SQL guru I concluded it’d be better to do some of the things I wanted to do to the songs db in LibreOffice using a CSV file. Simply exporting the ‘songs’ table to CSV then […]

extending USB extension over cat5 cable

Three things on running USB over Cat-5 wiring: 1. On the RJ-45 8-pin jack, you want to avoid pins 1,2,3,6 because if it accidentally gets plugged into a switch or PC Ethernet jack, the 5-volts could fry something. 2. You want the power (+5v,ground) on the same color (blue,blue-stripe) so it doesn’t make an electronic […]

DD WRT dual SSID Access Points using vlans – Routers with gigabit switches

Main thing to bear in mind when setting up these devices is that conceptually the wifi AP needs to seen as quite separate from the setting up of the switch for the vlans etc. So the creating of the vlans etc is one job, the assigning the various APs to subnets, with bridging, is another. […]

pfSense Web Filtering Hardware

As I figure out how to make a pfsesnse box that can filter web content I am confronted with the fact that the ‘no moving parts’ CF Flash based ‘appliance’ routers I’ve made for a few years cannot run the optional squid/squidguard packages. This is because squid (proxy/cache) needs to write to disk frequently and that […]

trx audio over IP utility

Can I get this working?! Download and unzip the source. Add these packages to meet dependencies: sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev libopus-dev libopus0 libortp-dev There is no configure file so straight to ‘make’ then ‘make install’. markp@lenovo:~/ for PCs/TRX/trx-0.2$ sudo make cc -MMD -Wall -c -o rx.o rx.c cc -MMD -Wall -c -o device.o device.c cc -MMD […]