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bit outdated in that the gksu command in the shortcut needs amending, but a very simple tool for creating smb shares that other can see. don’t forget to create users as well as define the windows shares. You need to: … Continue reading

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Move /home/user to other location

good post on this here: but use the amended rsync command as in the comments to see progress of the copy… sudo rsync -aSXv /home/. /media/home/.

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Drivers for AC1200MBS on xubuntu 18.04

promised my lovely ‘no wires in the new house’, so trying to get some 5ghz wifi sorted. Doesn’t work out the box. Try this: sudo apt-get install rtl8812au-dkms A previous dkms git install that used to work has ceased to … Continue reading

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Backing Up using cron and rsync

The rsync script for this is in /home/markp/scriptsit creates a log file in /home/markp/backupsit backs up to an external e-sata hdd mounted at /external in fstabit needs to be copied to /root so that it can run as a sudo … Continue reading

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How to password protect a PDF document (on linux OS)

Install pdftk if needed pdftk <source>.pdf output <destination>.pdf userpw <password> example: pdftk Mydocs.pdf output Mydocs_pass.pdf userpw secretword

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August 2019 was a move from Cornwall to Essex and to the ‘birthplace of radio’ – Chelmsford! Very happy here…

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LTSP Public Lab – 2019

LTSP has the ability to offer thin or fat clients which boot from a centrally controlled image from a server using tftp network boot. The following guide uses Xubuntu 18.04 (LTS desktop 64bit version), using a ‘chrootless’ (aka PNP ltsp) … Continue reading

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WordPress WYSIWYG Notes

Just a reminder about the wysywyg page builder in WordPress, when using the ‘X’ theme from When this was first installed (2015) X included a copy of the ‘Visual Composer’ (VC) page building tool. This paid for plugin was … Continue reading

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LTSP Xubuntu thin and fat clients v1 2018

Used this: for fat client build: –fat-client-desktop ti implement that into each rebuild edit: /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf as per here:   Controlling and maintenance of the server image:   TFTP boot problems: check the name/location of the … Continue reading

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Editing OpenLP database using CSV

An attempt to more quickly create and edit OpenLP database (SQLite) files, using sqlitebrowser in Ubuntu. As I’m not an SQL guru I concluded it’d be better to do some of the things I wanted to do to the songs … Continue reading

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