backup and updating of cmsms

go into control panel of webhost, use phpmyadmin and do simple db backup to an sql file.

Haven’t found a better way of musing ftp than nautilus in ubuntu. don’t think I have ssh access (sadly), so:

  1. download a backup of the /html/urlname folder of the webserver
  2. if doing a differential upgrade (for minor releases), download the package (the ‘base’ version = english only, fine), then copy the individually different files from local into the correspoding folders on webspace – tedious – is this the best way??)
  3. because I’d deleted the install folder (as advised?) I had to also get a replacement copy of that folder from the ‘full’ version and copy that up to.
  4. then access the update page: www.urlname/install/upgrade
  5. follow instructions, which will include need to creat/make writable config.php