Bullet points appearing in Impress (Oo PPT)

Perhaps I’m dim but it’s taken me ages to get my head round this:

Choose custom animation
add an entrance
by default all text appears at once, probably not what you want
choose ‘…’ for further options, then ‘Text Animation’ tab, then ‘Group Text’ dropdown and choose (most likely) ‘All Paragraphs at Once’
Back in the ‘Effect Appear’ dialogue expand the tree of items by clicking the ‘+’ on the first line.

IF your points are in a text box decide if you want the box itself to be on the slide as soon as it appears (option ‘with previous’). If you don’t do this it’ll take an extra click to bring it in.

DECIDE if you want the first line to appear straight away as well, if yes choose ‘with previous’; if you want to bring it in yourself choose ‘on click’

CHOOSE ‘on click’ for all subsequent lines that you want to bring on one click at a time. If a line is treated as it’s own paragraph, but really belongs to the point above, make it a ‘with previous’ item.