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Acts 2 14ff: ECG a heart for the nations llandudno 2009

What Happens the Day after the Day Before

Acts 2: 14ff – here

Not so much about Church as:

  1. Community

  2. c

  3. c

Whole of NT can be seen as a commentary on the issue of how these frail xtns were trying to be getting on with each other

Minucius Felix c. 160ad

Beauty of life causes strangers to join our ranks; we do not talk about great things, we live them

v38 Repentance

Many of our Churches minitries bypass repentance. Sign outside church ‘Sinners Only’ made to take down. Repentance is an ongoing process, a permintant state, not just a one off event. Church at it’s best when able to react to all issues in light of a repenting response. church become a common community of repentance.

Primitive Xty is not about a ticklist of beliefs to be subscribed too.

MA says that the more salvation is about fer and terror of God, the shallower and more shrt term that faith is likely to be. Opposite is true as well.

v42 Devotion


Loving devotion is the inspiration of the early disciples.

  • All in the context of the ‘teachin of the apostles’
  • discipleing mentoring, exampling, apprenticing.

Fellowshipkoinania life together

  • not communism, but generous graciousness
  • poor folk teach us lessons about ‘one anotherness’
  • Paul’s churches in the ports were wealthy, needed to show

To the breaking of Bread – not HC

  • Alpha didn’t invent food and fellowship!
  • MA sees J not as Robert Powell but Jennifer
  • people who you don’t normally get on with will be in the fellowship. Acts 6 illutrates that people who shouldn’t eat together can be found, there the risen Xt is.

Formal worship by end of 2nd C Tertullian said that basic requirements of worship are HC and intercession.