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DD WRT dual SSID Access Points using vlans – Routers with gigabit switches

Main thing to bear in mind when setting up these devices is that conceptually the wifi AP needs to seen as quite separate from the setting up of the switch for the vlans etc. So the creating of the vlans … Continue reading

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DD WRT dual BSSID wireless Access Point

So after weeks of reading DD-WRT forums about how to do this, I’m still struggling. AIM: Setup a pfsense router with (at least) three subnets: 1. office LAN, wired 2. public wifi, controlled using pfsenses captive portal 3. inhouse wifi, … Continue reading

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Dlink DGS-1224t switch vlans

Part 3.OK I think I got the vlans basically doing what I wanted. NEXT, how to tag the vlans so I can  trunk two subnets from the cisco AP back to the switch. I wonder if having the DHCP ‘feeds’ … Continue reading

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