LTSP Public Lab – 2019

LTSP has the ability to offer thin or fat clients which boot from a centrally controlled image from a server using tftp network boot. The following guide uses Xubuntu 18.04 (LTS desktop 64bit version), using a ‘chrootless’ (aka PNP ltsp) setup, which unlike the more common chroot-ed ltsp setups, uses the configuration of the server’s […]

WordPress WYSIWYG Notes

Just a reminder about the wysywyg page builder in WordPress, when using the ‘X’ theme from When this was first installed (2015) X included a copy of the ‘Visual Composer’ (VC) page building tool. This paid for plugin was included in the price of ‘X the theme’. Alongside this was an additional plugin called […]

LTSP Xubuntu thin and fat clients v1 2018

Used this: for fat client build: –fat-client-desktop ti implement that into each rebuild edit: /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf as per here:   Controlling and maintenance of the server image:   TFTP boot problems: check the name/location of the image in dhcp.conf Is the tftp port open? netstat -an | grep 69 is there […]

Editing OpenLP database using CSV

An attempt to more quickly create and edit OpenLP database (SQLite) files, using sqlitebrowser in Ubuntu. As I’m not an SQL guru I concluded it’d be better to do some of the things I wanted to do to the songs db in LibreOffice using a CSV file. Simply exporting the ‘songs’ table to CSV then […]

extending USB extension over cat5 cable

Three things on running USB over Cat-5 wiring: 1. On the RJ-45 8-pin jack, you want to avoid pins 1,2,3,6 because if it accidentally gets plugged into a switch or PC Ethernet jack, the 5-volts could fry something. 2. You want the power (+5v,ground) on the same color (blue,blue-stripe) so it doesn’t make an electronic […]

trx audio over IP utility

Can I get this working?! Download and unzip the source. Add these packages to meet dependencies: sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev┬álibopus-dev libopus0┬álibortp-dev There is no configure file so straight to ‘make’ then ‘make install’. markp@lenovo:~/ for PCs/TRX/trx-0.2$ sudo make cc -MMD -Wall -c -o rx.o rx.c cc -MMD -Wall -c -o device.o device.c cc -MMD […]