charity software – methodist charities

In summer 2013 I realised that the free ‘google apps non-profits‘, after much UK lobbying for many years, is now available for UK Registered Charities. This is a great offer, for the facility it provides, costs serious money for businesses. I have successfully applied for and set this up for our Methodist Circuit. If you have dreams of using ICT effectively in your Circuit or Church and want to know what it can do, message me. In a nutshell it’s key features are: secure document/creation and  sharing; shared calendars for colleagues and (potentially) a common address book (this needs work to make happen which I haven’t been able to achieve yet); a shared Circuit-wide addressbook for email and directory creation has always been a bit of a holy grail for me! Got this sorted already – for free?? Let me know how!

Just recently I’ve investigated TT-Exchange, which offers donated software from several noteworthy firms, including microsoft, to UK Charities. Yesterday it was confirmed that our Circuit does qualify for some, if not all of the software, but importantly it includes the MS stuff. I think this means for an ‘administration donation’ we can get licences for Windows 8 OS for about £5, and Office 2013 Standard for £15. I will confirm in the future if this is true!