Editing OpenLP database using CSV

An attempt to more quickly create and edit OpenLP database (SQLite) files, using sqlitebrowser in Ubuntu. As I’m not an SQL guru I concluded it’d be better to do some of the things I wanted to do to the songs db in LibreOffice using a CSV file.

Simply exporting the ‘songs’ table to CSV then importing it back into sqlitebrowser as a new table, subsequently renamed to songs, results in a table that is not identicle. it make openLP crash wne trying to edit the songs (wrong structure).

So… create a new table using ‘Execute SQL’ , using the CREATE statement of an untouched good ‘songs’ table, then import from the edited CSV, name it ‘songs2’. It will be empty. Import from the amended CSV file into this one. switch the names of this one with ‘songs’ table. should work.

Editing tanks in the CSV:
to concatenate ‘SoF1149’ with a space in fornt of the title: =F4&” “&G4