Mythtv tweaking and nfs

Sound on mythlounge:
(newer setup, Dec 2011, using S/PDIF mobo o/p) choose:
again only STEREO works
this is using the “HDA NVidia, ALC888 Digital” device
these allows firefox sound to work with myth.

playback setting:
VDPAU High Quality

NFS server: exports need adding to /etc/exports on the (file)server

1. install:

apt-get install nfs-kernel-server 


2. on the server create the /export shares:
root@server:/home/markp# mkdir -p /export/Music_flac
root@server:/home/markp# mkdir -p /export/Music_mp3
root@server:/home/markp# mkdir -p /export/photos

3. bind the /export filesytem to the actual locations, add to fstab so happens auto on boot:
#NSFv4 server share settings:
/home/markp/Music_flac /export/Music_flac      none    bind    0       0
/home/markp/Music_mp3  /export/Music_mp3       none    bind    0       0
/home/myserver_groups/photos   /export/photos  none    bind    0

4. set the nfs conf options as suggested at:
NFSv4 setup from ubuntu community.

5. place the exports in /etc/exports:

NFS setup for client

sudo apt-get install nfs-common

2.For mythmusic set directory as /home/markp/Music_flac
For mythgallery (photo viewing) set directory as /home/myserver_groups/photos
The above directories allow mythfrontend on the main fileserver to use their real locations

3. create the mount points referred to on the client:
sudo mkdir -p /home/myserver_groups/photos
mkdir -p /home/markp/Music_flac
mkdir -p /home/gracep
mkdir -p /home/meganp
mkdir -p /home/crossing_groups
mkdir -p /home/markp/myserver_groups
mkdir -p /home/sheridanp
mkdir -p /home/markp

4. add this to fstab to mount the nfs shares on the client on boot:
#nfsv4 mounts /home/markp/Music_flac nfs4 _netdev,auto 0 0 /home/myserver_groups/photos nfs4 _netdev,auto 0 0

nfs4 file permission issues: although the flac files could be accessed fine on the client, the photos wouldn’t allow access to the subfolders, ‘permission denied’
chmod to 777 on the server fixes.

Album art issues in mythmusic:
although I thought mythmusic was picking up the image that it can display when using the the visualiaztion ‘album-art’ from the flac tag, it would appear it doesn’t. Rather it is relying on a jpg being in the folder of the flac files. This file can be called anything.jpg but cannot be a hidden file, ie start with a full stop.