Using a shared ‘Brand’ YouTube account belonging to a Google Workspace domain controlled google account

An existing user with access to the shared YouTube channel can allow others to work with the same ‘Brand’ channel, incl at different levels (neat!)

  • Got to your channel:
  • This is where all ‘Brand’ channel settings can be tweaked
  • Under ‘Channel managers’ choose ‘Add or remove manager(s)’; then ‘MANAGE PERMISSIONS’
  • Add new person:
  • Select ‘Owner’ (or as you wish); ‘invite’

Using rsync

backup to remote lan directory:

rsync -azp –info=progress2 /media/windows/drive/ user@x.x.x.x:/home/space/backup/dir

restore from a remote location:

12volt DC Connectors on Narrowboat Papillon

What’s the best and most convenient connector for 12v appliances onboard?

The boat has some of these:

12v ‘Clipsal’ socket

They’re often called ‘Clipsal 12v’ sockets, (Clipsal makes a wide range of electrical gear); sometimes called a ‘2 pin parallel’ connector. I suspect they originate from caravanning. Note the neutral blade is wider than the live, for a polarised connection. Not to be confused with what I think is an older caravan 12v connector often called a ‘W4’, where the blades are the same size and angled:

12v ‘W4’ socket

Both of the above can handle 10amps. Other common 12v connectors found are the ubiquitous cigar/cigarette connector:

12v ‘Cigarette’ socket

Many 12v appliances come with a plug to fit they above. They’re not great connectors because they are an adaptation of the cigar lighter, and were not designed to be a DC connector.

I’ve also used a 12v ‘Hella’ plug (a nickname after the German brand that makes them). I first encountered this on our 1975 John Deere 2120. Hardly any tractors at that point had any kind of 12v outlet; it was probably fitted because the tractors were German made (Mannheim), where this connector is popular. It’s quite a good connector, but only 8amp (at 12v; can also be used for 24v)

‘Hella’ – aka Bosch, ‘BMW Accessory’ ‘Powerlet’, but properly ISO 4165

Proxmox VE 5.1 Setup Notes

Remove nag screen re: subscription:

comment out the subscription repository. implement the ‘no-subscription’ repo instead.

guest vlan number works as expected.

To allow vm screen to be any resolution set the display properties in the vm settings to:

OpenLP throws error on startup with new installation on Xubuntu 18.04

markp@markp-OptiPlex-5040:~$ openlp
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/openlp", line 27, in
from openlp.core.common import is_win, is_macosx
File "/usr/share/openlp/openlp/", line 26, in from openlp import core, plugins File "/usr/share/openlp/openlp/core/", line 43, in
from openlp.core.ui.mainwindow import MainWindow
File "/usr/share/openlp/openlp/core/ui/", line 29, in
from distutils import dir_util
ImportError: cannot import name 'dir_util'

sudo apt install python3-distutils


bit outdated in that the gksu command in the shortcut needs amending, but a very simple tool for creating smb shares that other can see. don’t forget to create users as well as define the windows shares. You need to:

sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf

.The gui shortcut can be made to work if you fiddle around and sort out gksu, but hardly worth the bother. Simply:

sudo system-config-samba

Drivers for AC1200MBS on xubuntu 18.04

promised my lovely ‘no wires in the new house’, so trying to get some 5ghz wifi sorted. Doesn’t work out the box. Try this:

sudo apt-get install rtl8812au-dkms

A previous dkms git install that used to work has ceased to (maybe with v5 kernel?). dkms status shows which modules installed this way and for which kernel:

markp@markp-ThinkCentre-M91p:~$ sudo dkms status
nvidia-340, 340.107, 5.0.0-23-generic, x86_64: installed
nvidia-340, 340.107, 5.0.0-32-generic, x86_64: installed
rtl8812au, 4.3.14, 5.0.0-32-generic, x86_64: installed

This command will remove the above to ensure clean system for next attempt:

sudo dkms remove rtl8812au/4.3.14 --all