TT Turbo Rebuild

All based on a 1.8t AMK engine, K04 turboTurbo to manifold bolts (the 3[strikethrough] star[/strikethrough] Ribe head ones)

Downpipe to turbo (the 3 nuts that go onto the studs)

Banjo bolts for oil feed pipe
Turbo CHRA
Oil line securing bolt 10Nm.
Hollow bolt into CHRA 30Nm.
Oil filter housing
Oil line securing bolt23Nm.
Hollow bolt into oil housing 30Nm.

Water lines
Turbo CHRA to engine block
Hollow bolt CHRA 30Nm.
Waterline securing bolt 10Nm.
Hollow bolt engine block 35Nm.
Turbo CHRA to cooling circuit
Hollow bolt CHRA 35Nm.
Waterline securing bolt20Nm.

Oil return line
Bolts to sump 10Nm.
Bolts to CHRA 10Nm.

Turbo to engine block holding mount
Turbo 30Nm.
Block 20Nm.

Pendulum support (‘dogbone’ – under the engine) geabox to subframe mount
Bolts A (2 x the same) pendelum support to subframe – 20Nm (15lb ft) plus 1/4 turn (90 degrees)

bolts B (2 off) pendulum support to transmission – 40Nm (30lb ft) plus 1/4 turn(90degrees)

Be careful, I stripped the first bolt B trying for the 90degrees